Upcycled skirts

These 2 skirts were added together to make the one shown in the final picture.

I cut the blue skirt off just under the zip and took the embroidery off the purple skirt, put them together & added trimmings.  Both were very unfashionable but had lovely features that deserved a second life.  The purple skirt was provided by Horsham Oxfam Shop & the finished skirt will be displayed in their window this week along with other examples of upcycled clothes.


Transition Horsham Stitch Up

Here are some photos of the last Stitch Up. It was great fun & I’m sure it will be fun on 24th July.

Hope to see you at the Friends Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham  24th July 10 til 1.

Stitch Up

Transition Horsham are organising a Stitch Up morning.

The idea is that you can acquire some basic textile skills or get help with a project or just come along & stitch.     The emphasis is on transforming your clothes so you want to wear them again. 

The Horsham Oxfam shop is going to be hosting a “Transition” window showing how clothes can be transformed. They will also have some interesting stuff inside to help you along .

It’s happenning on Saturday 24th July from 10 til 1 at the Friend’s Meeting House on Worthing Road & there’ll be tea & coffee & probably cake.

The last one was great fun & I hope you’ll be able to come along and join us this time.

Take a look at www.Transitionhorsham.org.uk for this and more activities.

In the week leading up to Stitch Up I’ll be posting lots of photos of transformed clothes so please come back then & take a look.

Snakes to keep you warm

All the snakes were made by people from Transition Horsham as draught excluders to sell at the 999 event.  They are a fun way to keep the house warm. Clare at www.greenshift.biz made the fabulous pattern & as you can see, they all turned out wonderfully. 

The yellow snake is mine and I’m hoping he’ll keep out the draughts for years to come.