At the beach and in the woods

Gus at FerringGus at the seaside

  Gorgeous autumn day today so we took a picnic to the beach.  Of course, Gus spent an hour or so retrieving his ball from the sea.

Gus And walking with Gus in the woods on Friday I came across this:

Hen of the Woods?I think it’s called Hen of the Woods but I’m not confident enough to pick it and eat it.

And this:

Magic mushroom?I love the look of these mushrooms. I am still searching for a complete ring.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. xxx


The Long Summer Break is Over

Kingsdown BeachKingsdown Beach, Kent

Thank you for all your good wishes for my summer break. There have been lots of changes in my life over the last few months and I have really appreciated the support from my blogging buddies.  I’ll be checking into your blog very shortly if I haven’t already: I’m looking forward to chatting to you all again.

I wasn’t at the beach for the whole summer – just for one very sunny week. Heaven!


Completely scruffy, but no point being vain.  This is probably the only picture of me taken all summer.

It’s all change for us.  My other half was made redundant in June.   It’s a bit scarey but it seems like a chance to live as we really want to.

My allotmentMy allotment

I’ve had the allotment for about nine years – ever since I left my proper job. I love it! We’re not allowed livestock, so no chickens: flowers & veg only. I dream of having a small holding but this is a really good alternative.  I’ve made lots of jam – rhubarb and ginger, strawberry, gooseberry so far but still some autumn jams to go.

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing over the summer for customers and for me.   All the positive comments and constructive criticism from my blogging buddies has given me confidence so who knows where my tiny business might lead me.

I’ll be doing a bit of sewing show and tell over the next week or two but I’m off now to look at what you’ve been up to.  xxx