A 1970s Memory Quilt

1970s Memory Quilt

This isn’t strictly a quilt: it’s a patchwork cover with no quilting involved. My grandmother made it for me in the 1970s.

A lot of the pieces have faded now but the bright orange lives on as good as ever.  Most of the fabrics were dressmaking scraps from my clothes or my mother’s.  Where my grandmother needed extra fabric she used scraps from her own and my aunt’s dressmaking.  It’s made from hand pieced hexagons and reflects the zany 1960s and 1970s clothes colours.   She gave me the cover for my 17th birthday and I took it to college with me where I used it every day for three years.

A lot of the pieces are very worn now but I love the quilt and keep it where I can see it every day. It was a lovely present from a lovely lady.

Memory Quilt Closeup