I Love Purple – more pattern making

Purple teeshirt

I finished the purple top yesterday and couldn’t wait to wear it.  It’s made from a wool mix knit fabric that I bought in Ditto, Brighton just before Christmas. It doesn’t count as a stash bust really but it’s exciting for another reason: I made the pattern.

Pattern making book

This 1985 book was my chief helper.

It explains very clearly how to make patterns from clothes you like without unpicking them.

Teeshirt pattern

Part of the pattern.

  I traced it onto greaseproof paper which seems ok for pattern making.  The book suggests using brown paper, yesterday’s newspaper, tissue paper or non-woven textiles specially made for pattern making.

Problems? There weren’t any, just a few things I had to consider.

I checked that the pattern pieces fitted together before I laid them on the fabric and added the seam allowances once the pattern was pinned to the fabric.

I remembered the top well enough to know what it should look like so it was easy to put together.

The knit fabric is very stretchy so I had to tape the inside of the neckline to hold it firm.

Would I make another?

Just try stopping me!

Purple teeshirt

Outfit details

Top – purple wool mix knit fabric ,

Skirt – purple wool mix fabric , pattern self drafted using the same book.

Tights – retail

Neckace 1970s – inherited from my mother

My tumbling blocks quilt is in the bag on the floor – I’m still working on it

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New Boots!

Lovely new boots from Green Shoes.  The company makes shoes with ethics in mind and I went there to make shoes back in April.  Click here to see.

I am very pleased with them and to celebrate I am going to show a couple of outfit pictures with the boots.

Dress and cashmere pullover were charity shopped.  I dyed the pullover from fuschia – which doesn’t suit me – to this lovely purple.

The skirt and tunic are me made. Top is from People Tree.  Tights are retail.

More Dyeing

Cotton jumper with crochet inserts, hand dyed using Dylon’s Bahama Blue.  I love this colour!

This was the jumper before dyeing.  Nothing really wrong with it, but it didn’t get much wear.

Now it will get lots of wear!

My linen trousers were also hand dyed.

I am still concerned about the ecological damage done by dyeing, but so far I have been unable to find any better method.  Suggestions welome!

William Morris and Me

Quilt made from William Morris prints.

I love William Morris. Not just the famous prints, but his writings too.  Remember that famous quote?

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” (Hopes and Fears for Art).

I would love to live up to that in my everyday life.

Every so often, I start looking around the house with that saying in mind and getting rid of things.  I don’t get very far. I class as useful things that make me smile, or give me a warm feeling, or at least brighten up an otherwise dull room.  One day I shall do it and my house will be transformed. One day…

Anyway, the Me Made May challenge has really got me thinking about my wardrobe rather than my house. Some pieces I would class as beautiful, but they are usually evening wear and I don’t get to wear them very often.  I need more useful clothes.

Dress form modelling evening clothes.

It’s pretty scarey to see yourself in a photograph everyday. Those trousers are too baggy, that colour is too dull or those pieces don’t go together. Some of my clothes are neither useful nor beautiful so something had to be done – I need more useful clothes.

So, last week it was wide leg trousers to narrow leg:

Me Made May Day 14

This week I’m having a dyeing frenzy.  A grey linen shirt, however beautifully made, just doesn’t look good on me.  So now it’s blue and looking much better.

A “natural” cardigan just doesn’t suit me.  I didn’t make it, but in the right colour it could make some of my me mades look more pulled together. So now it’s terracotta.  When spring really arrives it will be another way of wearing this refashioned skirt.

These pale grey trousers are way too smart for my life; I’ve worn them twice, perhaps three times in a year.

 It’s a pity to put in all that effort and still have nothing to wear, so now they are navy and I’m wearing  them.  Hooray!

Me Made May Day 16

So, I’ve thought about my wardrobe, put in a bit of effort and I’ve got a few more clothes to wear for Me Made May and, I hope, for future months.

Shrunken cashmere sweater to neck warmer

I like neck warmers better than scarves – they don’t come open so my hands are free & I can easily bring them over my ears to keep the cold winds out when I’m cycling. They are also really easy to make.

Sarah very generously gave me a stripy cashmere sweater that a previous owner had more or less felted.

I cut off the sleeves & the top of the sweater just under the armholes and finished the edge with a fairly wide zig zag stitch.

The wavy edge became the bottom of the neck warmer & looks rather like a frill. 

It goes with my new (to me) coat and I can cycle without the ends of a scarf drifting out into the traffic.

Bag from a sweater

The original sweater

I got this cashmere sweater from a charity shop.  It had a tiny hole in it which was easily mended,  but the colour doesn’t suit me if it gets too close to my face. I’m a bit pink already but I love this colour & wanted to do something with the lovely soft sweater. So…

I sewed up the bottom and tied the sleeves together.

The finished bag

The back of the sweater naturally falls over the front & the button is just to weight it down a bit.

Sorry about the photo background, I should have put it on something white. 

It’s a pretty & really easy bag & I’m going to make more.