Drink Tea and Make Bunting

My favourite teapot and cup.

The mat is completely Liberty print made up of tiny triangles. Liberty prints are so pretty I’d hate to waste even the smallest amount of fabric.

Tea with homemade bunting in the background.

To make bunting

You need:

Furnishing weight fabric – I used leftover curtain fabric.

Binding – Sew lengths of bias binding together – the more colours the better OR use leftover quilt binding with the raw edges tucked in and sewn together.

To make:

Decide on the shape and size of triangle and cut it out from stiff card. This is your template for your fabric triangles.

Cut as many triangles as you want from fabric.

I cut round the template using a rotary cutter with a pinking blade in it – this cuts and finishes the fabric in one action.  The triangles hang best when cut on the lengthwise grain of the fabric.

If using bias binding – fold the binding evenly over the base of the triangles so that the raw edge is enclosed and sew down.

If using quilt binding – sew the binding to the front of the triangles so that the raw edges are hidden at the back.

NOTE – leave enough binding at each end to tie the bunting to the tree .

Tie your bunting to your trees and reward yourself with a cup of tea.