Unloved skirt transformed

Me Made May Day 29 – my new top

It’s a bit crumpled after a long day’s wear but it’s set to become a favourite, I think.

It was this skirt:

Me Made May Day 8

It was ok but I’d rather have something I can wear more often.

I cut off the waistband and opened the back seam.

I cut the fabric into two equal pieces – a back and a front.

I cut the front into two and made a button band.

I narrowed the back by making tucks from the top to the waist.

I added waist tucks to the front  to give a bit of shape.

I drew around a dinner plate to get the neckline.

I made this the same way, but had a lot more fabric to work with:

Made from a charity shop skirt.


Me Made May 2012 Days 1,2 and 3

Day 1

Me mades: jeans bag, self-drafted skirt and shoes made by me at Green shoes.

There are several variations of this skirt.  I made the pattern by drawing around an old pencil skirt & adjusted it to have a button front.  I don’t know how to make a pattern from scratch.

Day 2

Scruffy jeans for mucking out with Vogue 2634 blouse.

I have to wear lots of layers with these sleeveless blouses but I don’t have any me-made long sleeved ones – I bought most of them from charity shops.

Day 3

Even scruffier jeans today with another Vogue 2634 – this one made from an old linen skirt.

I had to make a dash for my cardigan after this – I hope the weather warms up soon.  I’ll be wearing versions of these blouses every day for walking the dog and for mucking out.  I like them better than tee shirts because it’s much easier to get the inevitable stains out of the fabric.

Me Made June 2011 – Days 1-5

Day 1 with Joey

New Look blouse 6598


Day 2.  Dress New Look, fair trade hand crocheted cardigan from People Tree

Day 3. Dress Vogue 1171 from 1950. Taken at Trent Lock, Long Eaton on a glorious summer day.  My favourite dress.

Day 4. Dress Vogue 2671 from 1933.

Day 5. Another version of New Look 6598.

I am enjoying trying to chose my me-mades each day.  I have a few more things to choose from this time so it’s a bit easier than September.

Old wrap skirt to new blouse

I had a once much loved linen wrap skirt that I hadn’t worn for years.  It was faded on the outside & in any case was difficult to cycle in – wrap skirts tend to fly open when cycling.

I  decided to turn it into a blouse for every day wear & turned to Vogue 2634(adapted). I’ve made this pattern up at least half a dozen times in various guises.

 There wasn’t enough fabric for conventional cutting out so I cut everything singly & cut the back into 5 pieces so that I could use the edges of skirt panels.Back view

I needed to use the hem of the skirt to get the length but had to use the inside to avoid too faded a look.  This led me to the leftovers from a not very successful linen dress – made about 15 years ago – I used it for flowery strips to cover the hem edge & then cut bias strips for the armholes & collar trim.

Front View

There’s hardly anything left from the skirt now & I’ve got a blouse to wear over jeans or jodphurs for everyday wear.

The leftovers

Refashioning a man’s shirt into a blouse

Men’s shirting fabrics are lovely & most used shirts are worn on collar & cuffs only, so they have lots of lovely fabric to work with.

This shirt was not much bigger than I am. I think it’s easier to use a very much larger shirt because you can just cut lay out a commercial blouse pattern on the cut up pieces & of you go. My way is trickier but fun.

This is the shirt before I did anything.

Cutting off the collar.

Starting the shaping.  I used a dummy to help with the shaping but I had to keep trying the shirt on to check it looked ok.

Next, I cut down the double turn back cuffs to size.

Shortening. Done at an angle to make an interesting shape at the bottom of the shirt.

More shaping.

I cut some of the fullness from the sleeves, finished the edges with bias binding cut from an old sheet and changed the buttons.

And here it is:

Front view.

Back view.