The back of a cardigan in Rowan Tweed Aran.
I’ve finally more or less finished knitting it and know I don’t like it. It’s too beginnerish (is that a word?). It was my starter project and I can see I’ve improved as I’ve gone along but not soon enough to make this a goer for me.
I love the wool and the colour so I may do something else with it.
I’m a bit disheartened today.
Norma x

A Dog, quilts and those boots again

Old quilts get cut up for dog blankets.

This was once a king size bed quilt.

My new quilt – before quilting. It looks very different afterwards.

After some manic sewing I got the quilt ready to take to the exhibition.  I forgot to take photos of the finished quilt so that’ll have to wait until next week.

I just love these boots. I wear them nearly every day.

Old wrap skirt to new blouse

I had a once much loved linen wrap skirt that I hadn’t worn for years.  It was faded on the outside & in any case was difficult to cycle in – wrap skirts tend to fly open when cycling.

I  decided to turn it into a blouse for every day wear & turned to Vogue 2634(adapted). I’ve made this pattern up at least half a dozen times in various guises.

 There wasn’t enough fabric for conventional cutting out so I cut everything singly & cut the back into 5 pieces so that I could use the edges of skirt panels.Back view

I needed to use the hem of the skirt to get the length but had to use the inside to avoid too faded a look.  This led me to the leftovers from a not very successful linen dress – made about 15 years ago – I used it for flowery strips to cover the hem edge & then cut bias strips for the armholes & collar trim.

Front View

There’s hardly anything left from the skirt now & I’ve got a blouse to wear over jeans or jodphurs for everyday wear.

The leftovers

Upcycled skirts

These 2 skirts were added together to make the one shown in the final picture.

I cut the blue skirt off just under the zip and took the embroidery off the purple skirt, put them together & added trimmings.  Both were very unfashionable but had lovely features that deserved a second life.  The purple skirt was provided by Horsham Oxfam Shop & the finished skirt will be displayed in their window this week along with other examples of upcycled clothes.

Learning to crochet

I went to Transition Dorking’s Stitch Up yesterday.  It’s a chance to learn textile skills with a group of very skilled ladies as instructors.  I went to see what was going on because Transition Horsham would like to start something similar.  I happenned to mention that I would love to learn how to crochet &  I was shown how to make crochet flowers.

 This wasn’t my first attempt, in fact there were 3 earlier efforts but I thought it was worth adding the scraps of silk to the back and pulling it all together with a button.

I’m definitely going to try again. Thanks very much to Dorking Transition’s Stitch up.