Self Stitched September comes to an end

September has been a very interesting month.  30 days of  wearing my self stitched items. 

Some things I didn’t think I liked have become much loved, others need to be altered or given away  & wardrobe gaps need to be filled. 

I have almost no winter clothes, self stitched or otherwise, so it was a bit difficult when the weather changed.  A full range of photos can be seen using the flickr link on the right.

Here’s my favourite to celebrate a very interesting month. 

Self Stitched September Days 21 &22

Day 21.  A  line skirt from New Look 6843.  It was a warm day & I am trying to wear something different now & then.

Day 22

Another version of Vogue 2634 and the altered skirt from two days ago.

Photos really help to see how something looks.  I think when Self Stitched September is over I will still get photos of things I make – I can then see how they really look .

More Self Stitched September

Some of my outfits are missing……..

I didn’t get photos every day.  There have been lots of repetitions so I haven’t included them.

The difficulty of finding new outfits to wear has inspired me to get sewing again – within the restrictions of sewing from my stash or from charity shop stuff.  So here goes.


The shirt was made from this:

I redid as few seams as possible.  I recut the sleeves & armholes, cut the cuffs in half , took off the collar, added 1960s lace to the collar & cuffs &  replaced the ordinary men’s shirt buttons with little square shell buttons. I put a horizontal pleat in the back and highlighted it with more shell buttons.  I have noticed when turning men’s shirts into women’s blouses that as soon as the front fits the back needs a tuck to stop rather unattractive fabric bulges appearing.

 The skirt is in needlecord  and made from Simplicity 3881.   

Day 18

New Look blouse.  The bag  is my own design. I based it around photos of my horse and made it mainly in tweeds & felted wool. I love that bag & it holds memories of a much loved horse.

Day 19

The blouse was my second attempt at Simplicity 2501 (first version on day 21).  I had some fitting issues with this.  You can see from the photo that they haven’t been resolved completely but I like the shape a lot.  The skirt also appears on Day 7.  I didn’t like the look of it in the photo so I have shortened it. I like it much bettter now.

Day 20

Sadly I got a big stain on this before there was a chance to take a photo, so I’ll move on to:

Day 21

The blouse is the first version of Simplicity 2501.  It’s pretty material but the fit could be better. The skirt is the same as day 19.

Self Stitched September Continues

10th September

Off out on Friday night

The top is a remake.  It was a silk dress bought in Laura Ashley’s sale & worn for just one special occasion.  I turned it into a much loved top & a useful but dull skirt.  The bag is my favourite at the moment.

Before I converted it.

11th September

Off to the shops on Saturday morning

 Blouse from Burda 2934.  Jacket  I think was a Simplicity pattern made in a silk mix tweed that I think I bought in Soho. It proved too hot for a jacket after all but it made a change.

I make a lot of blouses, I think it’s because they are useful.  I used to make dresses & hardly ever wore them.

12th September

Sunday morning at the allotment. Vogue blouse – I like the spotty fabric but it doesn’t show up very well here.

I don’t have lots of self stitched outfits, but I have nearly finished the Vogue 1950 dress and will be showing it soon.  Buttonholes to finish, buttons to cover and hem to do.

Self Stitched September Days 6,7,8 & 9

I realised today that I had never made my pledge for Self Stitched September, so here it is:

I, Norma promise that for the duration of September 2010 will wear a self stitched or altered piece of clothing (including bags) every day. I won’t count self stitched stuff that can’t be seen.

Day 6

No photo – I forgot.  Anyhow, it was a blouse I had worn on holiday so already seen here and on Flickr. 

Day 7

At the Weald & Downland Museum.  I’m helping to make the Ruby Anniversary Quilt – on display soon – & I’ve been involved in making patchworks to display on beds in some of the houses there.

Charity shop skirt that I dyed to make wearable & the bag – my own design.

8th September

Trousers & blouse both self stitched.

9th September

Self stitched skirt & blouse.

I am still working on the 1950s dress.  It will appear here soon, I promise.