An exciting week!

I’m going to give a historic quilting workshop at the Weald & Downland Museum in May. Victorian & medieval to try & lots of other sorts to examine.  I’m in the brochure & I’m so excited….

The latest quiltThe latest Victorian style Weald & Downland Museum quilt.

Tumbling blocksMy own Tumbling Blocks – grown much bigger since this was taken.

And a new skirt…

New skirtNew skirt (and Gus!)

The fabric is very felt like and I bought it from the Turkish Market in Berlin.  I used the same pattern as the patchwork skirt I made in the summer. I love the way it’s cut on the bias.

Patchwork SkirtIt was hard to find interesting  fabric in Berlin – I should have asked people for tips before I went.

New skirtIt’s also a bit of a stash bust – the lining came from a bag of fabric given to me by a friend ages ago.

New skirtHeading off to the supermarket

New skirtPurple coat and pink skirt are me-made, boots from green shoes, denim jacket from charity shop and blouse from car boot sale.

The blouse is lovely but it crumples like a rag after a really short time. I’m thinking of using a bit of spray starch. Or does anyone have a better idea, please?

Happy Weekend! xxx

Patchwork stripes

Patchwork SkirtMy beach skirt!  We’re not going to the beach until September but I’m ready for it.

Patchwork skirt - backThe back

I made up the patchwork as a piece of fabric and then cut the pieces out of it.  The pieces are all cut on the bias and unfortunately I cut some the wrong way and had to make extra fabric. I used a Burda pattern; there’s a back zip and a slightly elasticated waist.

Sideways onSide view

Now all I need is some good weather…..

Five skirts, one pattern

Purple skirt

I made this skirt over Christmas and I wore it a few times.  I love the buttons and the bright purple lining that you can just see in this photo.  It’s made of an 80% wool remnant that I got from Ditto in Brighton.  There are no photos of me wearing it because I think it looks frumpy with my boots so I need to take it up a couple of inches to just above the knee.  I didn’t cover the buttons myself but oddly, they match my favourite purple/pink lace top.


The five skirts

Four have button fronts and one has a zip in the back.  The pattern’s significance to me is that I made it myself by drawing around an old skirt. Does that count as self drafting?

The first version has a back zip and the back darts in the wrong place.

I did nothing with the pattern for ages but when I wanted a skirt with buttons down the front, I altered it. There were two pretty awful versions now recycled.  The remaining five are wearable.

I like this black one and wear it a lot.

I love this orange tweed one.

This one is ok but needs a lining – it crumples very easily.I have bought the lining fabric and will one day get round to doing it.

I always think of the black one with a zip as my funeral skirt – it’s very warm and respectable. It was the first version and the thick material hides the drafting mistakes.  Its best point is its purple lining.


This is the promised close up of the needlecord top.  I have tried to show the contrasting facings – the remnant wasn’t big enough to cut the facings out of it. I have been wearing it with a long sleeved teeshirt underneath so it’s getting lots of use despite the lack of sleeves.

I am waiting anxiously for my bra pattern – can’t be long now.

1950s Sewing Giveaway – the Winner

One of the fabulous 1950s patterns won by Carolyn who blogs at Handmade by Carolyn.  Congratulations!

Please email your details to me Carolyn and I will send you the patterns very soon.

1950s Sewing Giveaway

One of my giveaway patterns.

Who doesn’t like a gift?  If you like vintage sewing then this one is for you.

The suit pattern is from 1958 and in really good condition.  It’s a size 38 inch bust but I know lots of you can regrade patterns easily enough if the size isn’t right.  It even has a lining pattern. Weren’t patterns amazing back then?

This one is a fabulous blouse – much used by a previous owner.  It would be fun to see it made up again.   It’s from 1955 and a size 36 inch bust.

I’m giving them away as one package to someone who would like to make at least one of the garments and show the finished item on their blog.

If you would like to take part please leave a comment on this post saying which item you would like to make. I’m going to make the deadline midnight British Summer Time on 12th October 2012 and I’ll choose the lucky winner the next day.    You must have a live blog to take part as I would love to see the results of your sewing and link them here.

Good luck!

Experimental Pattern Free Skirt

This is made from a fairly heavyweight linen from one of the shops in Goldhawk Road, London.

I started with this altered skirt

I measured the length, width, waist, size of the splits and looked at how the skirt had been shaped.

I transferred the measurements to the linen fabric and cut out the two rectangles.

I sewed the rectangles together, leaving the side slits open and a space for the zip open.

I made pleats in the waist by marking them with a ruler & chalk & then sewing at the top only.

I sewed in the zip – I recycled this from an old skirt.

I covered the waist with bias binding – lovely satin stuff – leftover from a previous project.

I finished the slits and hemmed the skirt.

The top was also pattern free.  Details to follow.