Refashioning a man’s shirt into a blouse

Men’s shirting fabrics are lovely & most used shirts are worn on collar & cuffs only, so they have lots of lovely fabric to work with.

This shirt was not much bigger than I am. I think it’s easier to use a very much larger shirt because you can just cut lay out a commercial blouse pattern on the cut up pieces & of you go. My way is trickier but fun.

This is the shirt before I did anything.

Cutting off the collar.

Starting the shaping.  I used a dummy to help with the shaping but I had to keep trying the shirt on to check it looked ok.

Next, I cut down the double turn back cuffs to size.

Shortening. Done at an angle to make an interesting shape at the bottom of the shirt.

More shaping.

I cut some of the fullness from the sleeves, finished the edges with bias binding cut from an old sheet and changed the buttons.

And here it is:

Front view.

Back view.

Shrunken cashmere sweater to neck warmer

I like neck warmers better than scarves – they don’t come open so my hands are free & I can easily bring them over my ears to keep the cold winds out when I’m cycling. They are also really easy to make.

Sarah very generously gave me a stripy cashmere sweater that a previous owner had more or less felted.

I cut off the sleeves & the top of the sweater just under the armholes and finished the edge with a fairly wide zig zag stitch.

The wavy edge became the bottom of the neck warmer & looks rather like a frill. 

It goes with my new (to me) coat and I can cycle without the ends of a scarf drifting out into the traffic.