A Sunny Weekend

Day 25I went to a Vintage fair on Saturday, only to discover it was actually on Sunday.

Still, I got the chance to wear my lovely new shoes

New Shoes!These arrived last week from Kinky Melon.  1970s, unworn & my size. Aren’t they lovely?

Avoca dressAs the vintage fair was only a few minutes cycle ride away, I went on Sunday too. I wore this summery Avoca dress as it was such a lovely day.

Avoca dress close upI know it’s not me- made but I think it counts for MeMadeMay.  I had to sew up the front to make it wearable.  I have no problem with showing cleavage, but this dress gaped & I would guess that was why its original owner gave it away.  I also did a few minor repairs.  I convinced myself it counted anyway……

1930s buttonsAnd I bought these lovely vintage buttons – 1930s, I think.  I don’t know what I’ll use them for but use them I will.

Linking to Lakota’s Ta Dah Tuesday.

I should have had flowers in my hair

Flower power shirtMy new shirt and it’s a stash bust. Hooray! I’d bought some fabric, but I was having a coffee and the Scott Mackenzie song “San Francisco”  kept coming into my head. So I went back to buy it.  I’ve loved that song since I was a child.

I’m not usually a flowered dress person, certainly not little flowers like this fabric so it sat in a drawer for quite a long time.

Flower power!I should have had flowers in my hair

This shirt was the answer.  I used Simplicity 3684.  I made the same style a year or two ago from the good bits of an old duvet cover but sadly it’s worn out now. I think the Nehru collar gives it the look of a late 60s or maybe early 70s shirt and that’s a look I like.

The pattern has lots of frilly bits attached but I don’t suit frills so this is plain. The buttons were rescued from another blouse. They fitted the theme.

And I sang “San Francisco” whilst I made it.

DressRemember this?

After alteringIt’s now this – a few inches shorter. You can see my knees.

NecklaceThis is the necklace I’m wearing in the last photo. Can you believe that my other half found this in the garden?  It was in a bush.  I wonder what happenned?   It’s a bit more purple than this in reality so those of you who know me will appreciate that I was certain to like it, but I doubt it was left as a present for me.


A 1970s Memory Quilt

1970s Memory Quilt

This isn’t strictly a quilt: it’s a patchwork cover with no quilting involved. My grandmother made it for me in the 1970s.

A lot of the pieces have faded now but the bright orange lives on as good as ever.  Most of the fabrics were dressmaking scraps from my clothes or my mother’s.  Where my grandmother needed extra fabric she used scraps from her own and my aunt’s dressmaking.  It’s made from hand pieced hexagons and reflects the zany 1960s and 1970s clothes colours.   She gave me the cover for my 17th birthday and I took it to college with me where I used it every day for three years.

A lot of the pieces are very worn now but I love the quilt and keep it where I can see it every day. It was a lovely present from a lovely lady.

Memory Quilt Closeup

1970s Dress and Some Plans for 2013

Woman's Weekly Dress 1970s

This dress appeared in Woman’s Weekly in the 1970s.  Looks pretty awful doesn’t it? I think if I’d seen this photo rather than the pattern drawing I wouldn’t have bid for it on Ebay. But…

Woman's Weekly Dress Pattern 1970s

Much better like this isn’t it?   I’m thinking of long sleeves but I’m not sure whether short or midi.  Anyone any thoughts, please? I’d welcome some advice.

Minoru pattern

I’ve just signed up over at Did You Make That? to make this jacket this year.  I was going to make it in the autumn but I never got round to it. I couldn’t find any waterproof fabric so I did nothing.  This year I plan to make a wearable toile and keep looking for attractive waterproof stuff.  Is there such a thing?  I think there must be, but where?

New Look 6000 Pattern

I bought this last year when so many people were making it.  It’s a lovely dress and I could do with more dresses. So, wearable toile here we come!

I ‘ve made a skirt and nearly finished a top over the Christmas break so I’ll show some photos very soon.


1970s Sewing Treat

Aren’t I lucky?  What fun! I have been given this box full of 1970s sewing treats.  My Mum had things like this in her sewing box.

My Dad gave me her sewing stuff when she died nearly 40 years ago. I was a teenager then and had none of her talent for sewing, so most things were just stored.

Mum could look at a dress she liked and go home and make one.  I can’t do that, but I do make lots of things and I used up most her supplies over the last few years.  Only a bit of 1960s bright green lace and some knicker elastic remains and I’m using those up rapidly.

So, I do feel really lucky to have these nostalgic bits to use in my sewing.