The back of a cardigan in Rowan Tweed Aran.
I’ve finally more or less finished knitting it and know I don’t like it. It’s too beginnerish (is that a word?). It was my starter project and I can see I’ve improved as I’ve gone along but not soon enough to make this a goer for me.
I love the wool and the colour so I may do something else with it.
I’m a bit disheartened today.
Norma x

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

10 thoughts on “Unravelling”

  1. I’m often disheartened by my attempts at knitting and then give up – I really wish I didn’t! Don’t do what I do – give that lovely yarn another chance!

  2. I’m still impressed, I don’t knit or don’t know how to knit. At least you can undo it as you’ve said and use the yarn some other way. Never down for long, eh?

  3. Lovely yarn. I heard one tip is to knit on something each time you start knitting and then when you are warmed up and you are in a groove? with your knitting (I mean, the consistency, pressure), then you can pick up the project you are working on and continue. Just a warming up. I don’t know if that works as it assumes you knit the same as you knit the time before. I’m not experienced enough to know if I knit that differently say if I’m in a tense mood, but I think sometimes I’m tighter than others. I like knitting very small things like barbie clothes because then if I mess up I haven’t invested as much time and it’s quicker to undo it and redo.

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