1930s Sewalong


I made this dress in 2010 from a 1930s pattern. It’s made from a high quality navy and white cotton. I wore it once or twice and then dyed it French lavender and wore it again.

Although I liked it I was never really happy about the quality of the sewing. It was a wearable toile at best and I’ve always thought I’d like to make the real thing. I think it would enhance that not so pared down wardrobe of mine.

Emily Ann Frances from RetroGlam is also going to sew 1930s and we’re hoping that you would like to join in. There are no rules or deadlines so please go over to She Sews You Know if you’re interested in joining us or you’d just like to follow our progress.


Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

3 thoughts on “1930s Sewalong”

  1. Oh, it looks very smart I think. The fabric design too. And coloring it lavender sounds divine. Too bad the picture we get to see is the size of a postage stamp! How can your sewing of it possibly be that bad? Or do you just mean it wasn’t authentic to the times? Well, that was then and you were making it now. or then. And now you have a different idea in mind. Right?

    1. There were two problems – the side fastening needed to be done better and the fit wasn’t great. You know how badly fitting clothes wrinkle a lot? Well that’s what was happening and I was pulling at it a lot. Lavender appeals to me still and I’ve seen some lovely stuff online.
      Also, the fit’ll be even worse now as extra weight solidifies into muscle when I’m running….

  2. That is a very pretty fabric. The print is one that allows the pleats and detailing to show. That pulling means you need more ease. I think the pattern would have to be sliced open at those points. I could look up the alteration info if needed. Just need some time. The laptop that works with the scanner is in for repairs. The tech is backlogged, too.

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