Rubbish? Another Quilt

Sweetie quiltAnother crazy quilt.

Raw materialsThese were the main raw materials. Anyone else think plastic shiney sweet wrappers are a terrible waste but very seductive?  I collected them over Christmas and sewed them to a piece of donated fabric – not fabric I could have used for anything visible.

Close upClose up of quilting & binding.  The binding was made from strips from a pair of lace tights I tore when I put them on on New Year’s Eve. I found it quite tricky to attach the strips because of the stretchiness but at least it went around corners easily.

Sweetie paper quilt

Happy New Year to all of you! xxx

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

10 thoughts on “Rubbish? Another Quilt”

  1. That is gorgeous Norma! I love it. So creative.

    We buy a small box of Quality Street Chocolates every Christmas and wrap them up as Eddie’s gift from Santa. He just loves the wrappers as toys. I discovered this several years ago when I was sweeping up after Christmas and a few of the coloured papers ended up in my dust pile. When I returned with the dustpan, I found my work had been all undone because Eddie had gone in and taken the candy wrappers out and tossed them all about the room again!

  2. It’s just gorgeous! I love it. A work of art, that is. What’s the dimensions? My mom was saving the shiny wrappers from chocolates for me to use in bead making. But alas, whomever cleans her room threw them all away.

    1. That’s so sad you can’t make your jewellery. Some people are just too tidy.
      Thank you! The quilt is 24 inches to the high point and 21 inches wide. That’s just as far as the sweet papers from one box would

  3. What an amazingly creative thing to do with the wrappers, Norma – a genius idea! My cats like batting a rolled-up wrapper around like a football too. Happy new year to you, hope you had a lovely festive season. xxxx

  4. I love this Norma. It looks like a quilt that you can put over your legs when relaxing on the sofa. What is the backing and stuffing? Will the wrappers withstand hand or machine washing with soap and water?

    Anyway, I think it’s fascinating to look at. Also, these candies evoke a lot of holiday memories for many people. I think the quilt will remind someone of that long afterwards.

    1. Thank you!
      The wrappers were sewn onto a piece of stretchy stuff & then covered with 2 different coloured layers of stiff chiffon-like fabric. The backing is proper quilting cotton. I used heavy variegated silk for the quilting.
      I think the sweet wrappers would withstand washing – they are pretty tough, but I don’t think the top layer would cope.

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