Crazy but not Victorian

Crazy quilt21st century crazy quilt – machine made

As you probably know by now, I’m very interested in historic quilting. I’ve often looked at Victorian crazy quilts and wondered whether to try a version. All the embroidery on the nineteenth century versions is a bit too ornate for my taste but I figured I could still use the principles to make a quilt.

Inside my head I saw autumn leaves in a maze. I didn’t put anything down on paper for once, just started to see where it went.

I made it from cotton scraps rather than the traditional silk and I did everything by machine. The “embroidery” is zigzag stitch using variegated silk thread.

It’s a stash bust too – I used only fabrics and threads I already had.There’s something very satisfying in making something out of nothing. You might want to take a look at  Vix’s inspiring take on this topic.

Do you like making something with just what you have already?  It would be lovely to see what you’ve made.

I have just seen Loulou’s gift decorations from coffee filters. I think you might like them.

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

17 thoughts on “Crazy but not Victorian”

  1. What a triumph! I love that quilt, its beautiful! It’;s nice to know you get the same pleasure as I do from making do. Now I have a bit of free time I’m hoping to get cracking on a bit of creating. xxx

  2. Oh that’s a gorgeous quilt, Norma, you are so clever! Yes, it’s a really good feeling, using what you already have to make something beautiful. xxx

  3. Great Autumn colours! I love the idea of the randomness of crazy patchwork, but have only ever done uniform shapes so far. Time for a new adventure? Starting small with a cushion cover or bag maybe. You’re right, it is
    an excellent stash-buster!

  4. Way to go Norma! I love it. Such great colours. I made my cousin’s little girl a small blanket this year for Christmas from some cotton flannel I’ve had for a decade! It’s just a checkerboard pattern but I really like how it turned out. But really I have a goal to make a proper quilt one day, although in proper I mean machine sewn and I know that this is not historically proper, but there is no way I have room for a quilting rack set up.

    Ps … I’m in love with your rain barrel! Our only options here seem to be unattractive plastic things. xo

    1. Thank you!
      Do you have any photos of your checkerboard quilt or have I missed them?
      I don’t believe in rules for quilting – I am as happy with a machine made quilt as a hand sewn one. They are just different. Would be fun to watch your quilt develop.
      The rain barrel is an old sherry barrel – they need to use wood for maturing I think. xxx

    1. There was a piece of curtain lining as the piecing base, then a piece of dressmaking cotton as the backing. I “embroidered” through all the layers. So as close to traditional method as a machine can do.

  5. Stopping by to say “HI”, Norma, and wish you a beautiful New Year filled with lots of creativity, projects that turn out well and the best of spirits and good health.

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