An exciting week!

I’m going to give a historic quilting workshop at the Weald & Downland Museum in May. Victorian & medieval to try & lots of other sorts to examine.  I’m in the brochure & I’m so excited….

The latest quiltThe latest Victorian style Weald & Downland Museum quilt.

Tumbling blocksMy own Tumbling Blocks – grown much bigger since this was taken.

And a new skirt…

New skirtNew skirt (and Gus!)

The fabric is very felt like and I bought it from the Turkish Market in Berlin.  I used the same pattern as the patchwork skirt I made in the summer. I love the way it’s cut on the bias.

Patchwork SkirtIt was hard to find interesting  fabric in Berlin – I should have asked people for tips before I went.

New skirtIt’s also a bit of a stash bust – the lining came from a bag of fabric given to me by a friend ages ago.

New skirtHeading off to the supermarket

New skirtPurple coat and pink skirt are me-made, boots from green shoes, denim jacket from charity shop and blouse from car boot sale.

The blouse is lovely but it crumples like a rag after a really short time. I’m thinking of using a bit of spray starch. Or does anyone have a better idea, please?

Happy Weekend! xxx

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

20 thoughts on “An exciting week!”

  1. That quilt is a masterpiece, how exciting! Love the colour of your skirt and the pretty blouse you’re wearing with it. The patchwork skirt is gorgeous, too and I love your planted up wellies! x

  2. Congratulations! That is wonderful. I visited the brochure, but couldn’t find your picture. The museum looks so nice and the countryside very pretty… wish I could attend your demonstration. Good for you!!! 🙂

      1. I will look when I have a moment. I took a temporary job that was too good to pass up and am working tons of hours for the next month or two. My blog time has dropped to nearly zero. 😦 On the bright side I am meeting so many nice people, learning some new skills and making a bit of fun-money. 🙂 Again, congrats on you success.

  3. Those two quilts are gorgeous. It is exciting that you’ll be able to share you passion and knowledge with others in May.
    Too bad about the crumpleness of the blouse; it is a perfect shape to wear with your new skirt.

  4. Great news about the workshop, and your quilt is stunning.
    That’s a pretty skirt, lovely colour, you look great! No idea what to do about the blouse – clothes which crumple immediately really irritate me and usually end up unworn and fnd themselves in the charity shop donation bag in the end! xxxx

  5. I’m so happy for the recognition of your artistic talents, Norma. Your “Tumbling Blocks” quilt is lovely and I bet very nice to snuggle up with on a cold, winter night. The patchwork and purple skirts look very comfortable. Just right for a busy day. Glad to know all your projects are turning out well and are satisfying.

  6. Wow, I just love that tumbling blocks quilt you’ve made. And doing a workshop at the museum on quilts is just too cool. Congrats on all the good news.

    1. Thank you!
      I used Burda 8895 to make it. It’s an old pattern but I think it’s still in their catalogue. I can’t say anything about the instructions because I don’t follow them, but the pattern fits together beautifully.
      Hope that helps.x

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