At the beach and in the woods

Gus at FerringGus at the seaside

  Gorgeous autumn day today so we took a picnic to the beach.  Of course, Gus spent an hour or so retrieving his ball from the sea.

Gus And walking with Gus in the woods on Friday I came across this:

Hen of the Woods?I think it’s called Hen of the Woods but I’m not confident enough to pick it and eat it.

And this:

Magic mushroom?I love the look of these mushrooms. I am still searching for a complete ring.

Hope you had a lovely weekend. xxx

13 thoughts on “At the beach and in the woods

  1. Aww Gus! He’s so cute and must be a lot of fun. Your day at the beach sounds like it was very nice indeed. And those mushrooms. Wow … I’ve never seen any like them. Neat.

  2. oh, those red and white spot mushrooms are fascinating! I’ve only ever seen them in picture books, like the faraway tree, a childhood favourite. Never ever seen them for real :)

  3. Gorgeous Gus! Lovely to see him enjoying a little beach time. I am not clued up enough about mushrooms to pick any either… xxxxx

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