A lot of nature and a bit of sewing

flowersGorgeous aren’t they?

We went to Down House, home of Charles Darwin this weekend.  If you are at all interested in science or nature I really recommend it. I think children would love it too: there’s lots of interactive stuff to explain the theories and the cakes in the tearoom are yummy….

The flowers were just outside his greenhouse / lab.

Darwin's greenhouseThis picture has the “bit of sewing” mentioned in the title. The top was once this dress

After alteringI altered it to this length but I still didn’t wear it; so now it’s a top and I’ve worn it a lot. I also raised the neckline a bit.  I’ve lost a tiny amount of weight and that made the dress gape a bit at the neck.

What is this?Another plant caught my eye but I don’t know what it is. It looks like it’s been painted pink and white.

It was a bit cold yesterday and I had intended to wear this:

1930s dress overdyedThis is my 1930s dress which I’ve now overdyed with Dylon’s French Lavender.  I think it will get a lot more wear now.  Somehow, the white background put me off and it’s such a shame not to wear something you’ve spent hours slaving over. The pink shoes are from Hobbs’ sale a few years ago.

I haven’t been sewing much for myself recently because my little sewing business has started to get busier nad I just haven’t had time. Plenty of plans in my head though.

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

12 thoughts on “A lot of nature and a bit of sewing”

  1. I love gardening and so am very impressed with the greenhouse in the first photo… your dress looks great as a top, too. Now wait, did you tell us you had a sewing business? What kind of sewing are you doing? How nice that it’s picking up for you.

    1. It was a really beautiful greenhouse – I would love that.
      I’m doing all kinds of sewing. My keenest customer has just given me fabric for dresses 5 & 6 but mostly just repairs and alterations.

      1. Good for you, Norma. That’s really industrious and a great way to make income doing things you love and are very good at.

  2. You have the most fantastic legs, I love your 1930s dress and the now-a-top altered dress. I didn’t know Charles Darwin ventured South, there’s loads of places around the Midlands connected with him including Shrewsbury (his birthplace) and Lichfield as he was a great friend of Dr Johnson! xxx

  3. I’ve also been making a point of enjoying the beautiful weather and our garden recently.
    It’s good you’re getting more wear out of your dress now it’s a top. I need to have a sort through my wardrobe and drawers for repair and alteration items.

  4. Both the top-that-was-a-dress and the dyed 30s dress look lovely. It’s good not to abandon items altogether if they have elements about them you like. You are obviously really good at working out what you need to do to make things more wearable!
    The garden/greenhouse looks beautiful, what an interesting place to visit. And it’s good that your business is doing well, even if that leaves less time for your own sewing projects! xxx

  5. The plants and flowers are very pretty. How interesting are those leaves that look like they’ve been painted. I like the top/dress and the 1930s dress. I never think to dye things but it’s a great idea to get more wear out of something.

  6. The 1930s dress is divine and does look so much nicer in lavender. And I can see why you would get more wear out of the top than when it was a dress. You are an inspiration on how to make clothing more wearable. I only wish I had your sewing skills!

  7. Down House sounds like a great place to visit. I’ll add it to my huge list of places I never get around to going!

    The 30s dress looks gorgeous. I can’t sew to save my life!

  8. I’ve been visiting for a while this morning and love your work. I wanted to say that the decision to dye your vintage Vogue dress was excellent! Now you can see all the hard work you put into the details, whereas the white version just swallowed them up. A beautiful dress now!

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