A Mistake!

Completed SureauThis is it: Robe Sureau complete.  But I won’t be showing any photos of me wearing it because it looked awful.

I did make a toile but thought it looked silly on me because old sheets aren’t always very flattering.  Unfortunately, it just does look ridiculous on me.

I did everything I could to save it – added bias trims, tried various buttons – but I think the basic shape is just wrong for me.

Remains of the Sureau & Day 13I didn’t want to discard it completely, so I removed the top, changed the zip and added a waistband.

Me Mades: Purple wool teeshirt,newly refashioned skirt, shoes.

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Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

18 thoughts on “A Mistake!”

  1. It is always so disappointing when things don’t turn out as you hoped – but well done for averting disaster and making a very shapely skirt. The fabric is really striking, very nautical.

  2. The skirt looks fantastic, what a shame the dress wasn’t to be but at least you saved the day and made the most of that pretty fabric. x

  3. The skirt looks great, even if the dress wasn’t right on you. Sometimes, however lovely an item is and however much we want it to work – it just bloody doesn’t! But you salvaged something wearable from the gorgeous fabric, so all is not lost! xxxx

  4. I hate when that happens! Amputation was the only option left and that went successfully. That’s the way sewing goes…the thrill of success to the agony of defeat, plus everything in between.

  5. Sorry your original plans fell though, but what great save! Looks very cute, so you win! I’ve got an oriental print sheath that I’m considering chopping up … not sure I have the skills I need, though!

  6. Hi Norma! I’m very happy for you that you could change the dress into a skirt. With your colorful sweater and stockings you’ve done alright. Sometimes even with a well made toile I find that the finished garment is not what was expected. This can be due to the textile, trim, or facings. There’s a lesson in each success and each disappointment to be learned. That is the good take-away of every project.

  7. Too bad the dress was unflattering on you. Such a drag after you’ve gone through the effort to make it. I love the skirt on you though and am happy you were able to get that from it. Such a cute polka-dotted fabric.

  8. Sounds like you made a valiant effort. You make so many successful garments, I guess not everything can work out the way one would like.
    I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out of that pretty skirt.

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