More Quilting & a bit of Me Made May

I’ve been hand quilting a waistcoat for the Weald & Downland Museum & thought you might like to see it.  Baasically, it’s a 17th century bodywarmer.  The top is a fine pale green wool, there’s carded sheeps wool in the centre and a linen backing. It’s quilted with linen thread which has to be waxed.

Quilted waistcoat

This is the waistcoat quilted & ready to be made up.

Quilting 17th century styleIt took me about 15 hours to quilt.  The thick linen backing means that it’s hard to get up any speed.

I decided to show a couple of Me Made May outfits because I particularly like them.

Me Made MayI think it might be the setting like best rather than the outfit.

This is a refashioned (altered & dyed) skirt and a top made from another skirt.

Top, no pattern requiredThis is my favourite top.  I made it from a Liberty Print skirt I found in a charity shop. Those are my me made shoes too.  I’ve worn them most days this month. The trousers are Olsen from a charity shop.

Some days I’ve only got one visible me made but I always wear my me made knickers, so that’s two. (In answer to Curtise).

I’ve got a dress in progress at the moment so I will have something new to wear this month. Hooray!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

8 thoughts on “More Quilting & a bit of Me Made May”

  1. Smashing lounging shot complete with sunshine and doggie! Love your Liberty remake and the 17th Century bodywarmer is amazing. I’m been meaning to make some knickers for months, I haven’t bought a new pair for 6 years and they’re wearing a bit thin! xxx

  2. You never cease to amaze me with your sewing projects. I see that you hand quilted your vest and it looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished garment. I also love your me-made pieces, and your dog.

  3. I love the top… great print… looks kind of Egyptian or maybe Byzantine. And hand quilting? You’re amazing! What an exercise in patience. It looks so very even… how did you do that?!

  4. What patience you must have to do that hand-quilting! I love the Liberty print blouse. I am always looking at skirts at the thrift store for their fabric. Recently bought a Laura Ashley corduroy dress that will be turned into tote bags and have already patched my jeans with fabric from it.
    Wasn’t able to fit in the shoemaking workshop on this trip unfortunately.

  5. You are amazing. Hand quilting? I love your lounging in the garden with the dog photo. Great looking refashionings. And am every envious your shoe-making.

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