I should have had flowers in my hair

Flower power shirtMy new shirt and it’s a stash bust. Hooray! I’d bought some fabric, but I was having a coffee and the Scott Mackenzie song “San Francisco”  kept coming into my head. So I went back to buy it.  I’ve loved that song since I was a child.

I’m not usually a flowered dress person, certainly not little flowers like this fabric so it sat in a drawer for quite a long time.

Flower power!I should have had flowers in my hair

This shirt was the answer.  I used Simplicity 3684.  I made the same style a year or two ago from the good bits of an old duvet cover but sadly it’s worn out now. I think the Nehru collar gives it the look of a late 60s or maybe early 70s shirt and that’s a look I like.

The pattern has lots of frilly bits attached but I don’t suit frills so this is plain. The buttons were rescued from another blouse. They fitted the theme.

And I sang “San Francisco” whilst I made it.

DressRemember this?

After alteringIt’s now this – a few inches shorter. You can see my knees.

NecklaceThis is the necklace I’m wearing in the last photo. Can you believe that my other half found this in the garden?  It was in a bush.  I wonder what happenned?   It’s a bit more purple than this in reality so those of you who know me will appreciate that I was certain to like it, but I doubt it was left as a present for me.



Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

13 thoughts on “I should have had flowers in my hair”

  1. That shirt is fabulous and the dress looks great. How on earth did that lovely necklace end up in a bush? Isn’t your lab a cutie? xxx

  2. What a pretty blouse and I like the little floral buttons… very appropriate. Now I have to go look up the San Francisco tune. I think I know I know the song, but it’s been ages since I heard it. My son recently moved to San Francisco; he loves it there. 🙂 Think the hemline looks great now.

  3. The shirt looks great, and shortening the dress was very successful. How wonderful for the universe to give you a random present of that lovely necklace!
    I have always loved that Scott Mackenzie song too, it reminds me of being little. xxx

  4. Very pretty “flower power” additions to your wardrobe. Love the sleeves on the blouse and the three button cuffs. Have reremoved the big collars from 70’s shirts for Nehru jacket look. Researched interfaced hems and think I understand how to do. Now to learn how to use my digital camera! Ravens or crows might have carried off the necklace to a safe spot to see if it was edible and left it there.

  5. The blouse and the shortened dress are so nice on you! I like to see your smiling face. And wow, that is strange finding that neat necklace in a bush. Reminds me of being young and trying to figure out the saying ‘Do you think money grows on trees?’. I used to scan the branches for bills.

  6. Your blouse is lovely on you especially the print with the matching buttons. And your lovely chocolate lab too. How nice to receive gifts in the garden that you like. That dress fits you so well, are you sure it wasn’t made for you?

  7. What sweet buttons on the cuffs of that shirt. I adore your blouse (I have a thing for puffy sleeves and tight cuffs).
    The dress looks SO MUCH BETTER. Wow!
    Necklaces raining from the sky? We should all be so lucky 🙂

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