Toronto Skyline Quilt

Toronto QuiltA holiday souvenir

I’m inspired by Loulou’s blog to show this quilt I made a few years ago of the Toronto skyline. It’s one of my favourites – I don’t keep them all, the dog gets to sleep on them after a while.

For a look at Loulou’s wonderful photos of Toronto look here.

I made it using scraps left from other projects, charity shop clothes and my own old clothes.  For example, the binding is cotton velvet taken from the legs of very old evening trousers and I’ve used the rest of the orange wool tweed to make a skirt recently.  The columns are strip-pieced on to the wadding and backing using a sewing machine.

I started the process with these photos.

TorontoToronto from the CNN Tower.  Taken about 1990 – sorry I can’t get the photo to show up well – this was taken pre digital cameras and had to be copied to get it here.

Toronto 1990It was a hazy day and I tried to capture that in the quilt by using mainly muted colours.  I used the orange tweed to try to represent the golden bank building that was so obvious from the tower.

Toronto collageI made the collage to help me move my ideas along from the photos to the the final quilt. It helped me get the shapes into my head.  After that, I auditioned fabrics and shuffled them around until I was happy with the look.

I’ve shortened the dress in my previous post and I’ll be showing the change soon along with the “Flower Power” shirt I’ve just finished. Thanks for all the helpful comments about the dress.

Happy Monday everyone.

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

15 thoughts on “Toronto Skyline Quilt”

  1. How sweet are you?! 🙂 I love your quilt. It’s neat that you know where the various bits of fabric come from, so it tells you a story both with that knowledge and also with the finished skyline reminding you of your trip to Toronto.

    I have been itching to make a quilt myself. I’ve only ever made small ones for babies, but now I am thinking of going larger. As I inspired you to show us your quilt, you have inspired me to get going and make one (maybe!)

  2. The dog sleeps on that beautiful quilt? NO! It’s a work of art, Norma, you could have it as stunning wall hanging. xxx

  3. Enjoy reading your blog here in windy Northern California. Interesting experience I had sewing scraps of fabric to foundation strips. Sewed the completed strips to a larger foundation separating them with long, thin lengths of same color fabic. Displayed vertically it looks like books on a bookshelf. Displayed horizontally it looks like myriad distant views of sky above ocean with sand dunes or hills in the foreground. So glad I didn’t give it to the cat to sleep on!

  4. This is a real inspiration! I have wanted to do an “architectural” quilt for a long time but never knew how to go about it. Yours is beautiful. I love the choice of colours.

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