Stashbusting Patchwork

Stashbusting Curtains

New curtains! Following Vix’s lovely curtains here.

I sew in a small bedroom and it needed sorting out.  After a change of paint colour I decided on new curtains too.

These are made from some of my huge patchwork fabric stash.  I’ve added nothing to the stash for at least eighteen months but it’s still shamingly huge so I’m on a mission to use most of it up in the next year or so.  This is the first big patchwork stashbusting project.

The fabrics aren’t all strictly patchwork type;  there are some dressmaking leftovers too.  I cut the fabrics into six and a half inch squares using patchwork rulers and sewed them together using a quarter inch seam allowance. There are tweny-six different fabrics and one hundred and sixty squares.  The lining is made from the good parts of an old sheet; the curtain tape was left over from previous projects.  Cost £0.

I’m not sure where I’ll find time to do more stashbusting but  I’m very happy with my first patchwork stashbust.  Thanks Vix!

Patchwork close up

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

15 thoughts on “Stashbusting Patchwork”

  1. ooo, it’s just lovely! Like a stained glass window with the light coming through. It looks so neatly done. Again, I wouldn’t have thought of lining it. Did you do it like a quilt in terms of the backing? Is the lining sewn just around the edges or through each square too? My stash seems to be growing rather than getting depleted. How’s that happening? I think I need help.

    1. Thank you! The lining is loose like a normal curtain. I lined it because I didn’t finish the edges inside – they are like a normal quilt. Does that make sense?
      My stash grows – people keep giving me stuff and I can’t resist. I need help too. Maybe we should try to help each other?

  2. The curtains looks wonderful, Norma. Vix is inspiring the whole world to make patchwork curtains! I seem to be one of the few people in blogland without a major stash of fabric, so I can’t join in, but I do love them. And Pao is right about how neatly you have made them. I suspect anything I attempt will be rather more ragged around the edges… xxxx

    1. Thank you! A major stash is a bit of a problem – I am reorganising but before that I hardly knew what I had. I’ll show some pictures of my room before the clear out & you’ll see what I mean.xx

  3. So Gorgeous! I love patchwork, especially dressmaking remnants or old clothes, because it evokes wonderful memories of where the fabric came from. I too have such a stash, and people are always giving me things, which, thanks to my Nannie’s philosophy I never turn down! And so thrifty! Imagine what it would it you had to buy jelly rolls of fabric!

    1. Thank you! That’s a positive take on a stash – very cheering. I was getting a bit concerned about its size but it isbetter than jelly rolls.

  4. Gorgeous! Looks like stained glass. I remember Vix making hers and loved them. All my windows have wooden blinds that came with the house. When we first moved in I was going to take some down but everyone said that would be a mistake because they were good quality and offered excellent privacy. But it means we don’t have curtains on any windows, and I would love to have the colour this style adds.

  5. Hi Norma, Sorry to have been MIA. These curtains are divine. Like slices of gemstones. I winnowed down my stash 5 years ago when I moved, but am building it back up again. One day I’ll join the patchwork curtain club, too.

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