Another snowy day here today.   This is Gus taking his morning walk; he loves the snow and wears himself out playing in it.

On the sewing front, my bra pattern arrived so I can get started.  Hooray! I’ve chosen Elan 645. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong pattern number (how ??? – I might have jelly instead of a brain)  but the lovely people at Vena Cava sorted me out and I’ve got the one I wanted.


I said this post was allsorts!  I had a go at weaving at the Weald & Downland Museum – this was my practice piece.  The aim is to weave some of the plain cloth needed for Medieval peasant clothing.  It was very absorbing & I’ll be giving it another try when I get the chance.



Seville oranges were in the shops last week.   I boiled the fruit before chopping up the peel and that makes it a lot easier to make – the peel’s softer and the flesh comes out very easily. In the past I tried chopping the oranges before boiling and thought it was very hard.  I don’t think I would have made marmalade again if I hadn’t seen this method.

Pre Raphaelite Exhibition

And finally, I went to the Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at Tate Britain just before it ended; I’d been meaning to go for ages.  It was very busy, I assume lots of people suddenly realised it was about to end and like me, rushed to see it.  It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful…


Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

8 thoughts on “Allsorts”

  1. Great post! I shall make my marmalade next weekend! Good luck with making the bra, look forward to seeing it when it is finished! Love the weaving, super colours. Missed the Pre-Raphaelites, but did see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s collection at an exhibition and the Royal Academy some years ago; lve the sale, so opulent and decadent! What I wouldn’t give for Alexa Wilding or Jane Morris’s hair!!

  2. I rushed out to the art gallery this week to catch a show that was ending too … It was the work of Frida Kahlo and
    Diego Rivera. Love the notion of homemade Marmelade. I would be in Nick’s good books if I made him some, as he so loves Marmelade! I bet your home smelled wonderful as you were doing it.

  3. mmmm, love orange marmalade, but never made it, that’s for sure. Nor have I done any weaving, very impressive. Have seen the Pre-Raphaelites, although not that particular show. Did you see that BBC mini-series about them? I’m doing the same bra pattern, but only just started on tracing it out on paper.

    1. Liked the mini series. Also read a biography of William Morris by Fiona ??? that really hooked me.
      I am no further than you with the bra.

  4. Oh I do wish I could have seen that Pre-Raphaelite exhibition.
    Weaving and making marmalade AND a bra? You are truly a homespun domestic goddess!
    Gorgeous doggie pic too. xxxxx

    1. It was a wonderful exhibition.
      Domestic goddess? I am so flattered. My house is a tip and I’m one of the world’s untidiest people but I love all the fancy stuff and spend my time on that.

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