Victorian Refashioning and Making my own Moisturiser

A friend gave me bound volumes of Girls Own from 1880 and 1881 and this lovely skating party drawing comes from them.

About once a month there is an article called “Seasonal Dress and How to Make It”. It assumes the reader will be making her own clothes and will be anxious to stay in fashion.  There are descriptions of what materials to buy, how to alter last seasons clothes to suit and of course, some bossy stuff about what you actually need and what’s suitable- nothing changes does it? It’s definitely the best bit of the magazine though.

Making Shea Butter Cream moisturiser this morning.

The finished – if slightly messy – product.  This time I managed to make it without getting the grittiness I had last time.  Maybe I made more effort with the whisk?  I’m not sure. I’ve made lovely shea butter lip balm from this book.  That was successful first time.  The moisturiser takes less time to make than mixing a cake and there are no parabens in it.

I have just cut up this silk skirt.  I made it about 10 years ago and I think I’ve worn it twice.

I was going to make a patchwork skirt from silks but I think I prefer velvet. I’ve got one old velvet skirt to cut up but I’ve got to look for a few more colours before I can start.  This fabric is going to be cushion covers.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

10 thoughts on “Victorian Refashioning and Making my own Moisturiser”

  1. That bound set of magazines sounds wonderful. I have some women’s magazines too, but not nearly as old. Mine are from the early 50s. I also have a hard cover book called Heloise’s Housekeeping Hints, from 1962. So fun to read and get an understanding of what was the norm as far as women’s roles back then!

  2. I think magazine writers have been telling women what to do for decades – all that changes is the content of the “advice”, never the notion that women need telling!
    Gorgeous illustration though.
    The silk is a beautiful colour. Two wears in ten years does rather indicate it would be better used as cushion covers though! xxxx

  3. Antique and vintage fashion magazines are such fun to look at. I also like to use products without parabens so I’ll see if my local library in the States has this book.

  4. Those Victorian & Edwardian magazines seem even more bossy that today’s, I’ve a few that always make me mad. That skirts a stunning colour, but far better re-purposed as a cushion cover, it’s a crime to hide it in the wardrobe! x

  5. What a fantastic idea to make your own moisturiser… would it be possible to share the recipe? I don’t know what the copyright restrictions would be on a 100 yr old magazine, but I imagine it would have expired by now? 🙂

  6. Interesting reading you have there. Hope to see the refashioned skirt in it’s new life. Making skin cream now, that is simply beyond me. You are well versed!

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