Tumbling Blocks Quilt in Progress

I have been working on this tumbling blocks quilt for about two years.  It’s a labour of love.  My aim is to use only the type of prints and colours available in the 19th century. Some of these are my favourite William Morris prints.

In England, tumbling blocks was a favourite Victorian pattern for baby quilts.

The smallest pieces are 1&1/2 inch diamonds tacked (basted) on to stiff paper – glossy magazine covers are very good for this.  You can see the tacking stitches in the photo.

The diamonds are oversewn into a hexagon shape. The aim is to stitch through the fabric only, missing the paper. The paper comes out when all sides of the diamond are completely enclosed.

Each hexagon contains a dark, a medium and a light shade to make the staircase pattern. I’ve made a few mistakes on the way but I’m hoping that this just adds character,

It will probably take me another two years to reach king size, but it is very relaxing to do and after all why hurry?

I’ve linked this post to WIP Wednesday.  Why not take a look at other works in progress?


Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

8 thoughts on “Tumbling Blocks Quilt in Progress”

  1. I love this sooooo much. Quite the most enchanting quilt design ever! In between dressmaking, I’m slooowwwly working my way through 80 quilt blocks from The Art of Quilting Magazines. I’ve only done 15 so far! I make these on a machine with a 6mm seam allowance but your quilt has reminded me of a hexagon shaped quilt that I started to make (and never finished) when I was a child, using the same technique. I love the idea that this can be a slowly made, handmade, portable project. Mmmm…. see now look what you’ve started!! Like I haven’t got enough on my list!! 😉

    1. Sorry!! Well, I’m not really sorry – it’s satisfying to do. I recommend it.
      I like your Art of Quilting blocks. Are you enjoying doing them?

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