No Pattern Required?

A few things made without patterns or using a shop bought item to get the size right.

Skirts and brown top made using commercial garments as a size and shape guide. The original skirt was a pencil skirt.

Sometimes I can’t find a pattern for what I want to wear, or it uses more fabric than I have.

I’ve often made things from patterns that don’t fit (I hardly ever make a toile because I am too impatient) or maybe they don’t look like I hoped.

For all these reasons I’ve been experimenting with making clothes without commercial patterns. It doesn’t always work but it is fun and I intend to do more of it.

Me Made May Day 7

A top made without any pattern at all – just fitted using tucks.

Me Made shoes too

Day 8

Brown wool jersey top made using an old tee shirt for a size guide.

Cotton lawn skirt – no pattern

Cardigan – charity shop


Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

2 thoughts on “No Pattern Required?”

  1. You are clever! I love all your creations especially that tunic top you made without a pattern! I’m much too impatient to both with a tuile, too! x

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