Clothes Challenge Continued

The clothes challenge was a self-imposed challenge to buy no new ready made clothes or fabric until the end of September. New clothes & fabric have to come from charity shops or other 2nd hand sources or be made from my stash.

I’m pleased to report that I have kept to the challenge.  New stuff includes only trims, thread & some wool so that I can learn to knit socks.

Strangely, I haven’t bought much clothing for refashioning either.  I’ve been wearing things I already have & working out new outfits from what’s already in the wardrobe.  I’ve even given some things away, so I’ve a bit more space than I had before. 

Is this a side effect of not being able to go clothes shopping? Does anyone have any experience of this phenomenon?  I’d be very interested to know your thoughts on this.

Meantime I am working on Vogue 1171 from 1950.  Details to follow.


Author: norma

Hello, I'm Norma and I live in Wales. I love animals, baking, growing veggies but my big loves are sewing and history.

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